Manufacturing plants require a lot of data to operate. This includes data from their manufacturing processes, quality control systems, maintenance systems, order management systems and pretty much every functioning department within their operation. The challenge is in finding ways to capture, and present the information in the proper format at the time that the information is needed. The only way to effectively achieve this is to replace manual documentation systems with automated ones. This requires that data much be electronically captured and stored on networked servers so it can accessed by the people who need it. The technical challenges to achieving this include;

  • Finding ways to capture the required data
  • Efficient databases to store the data
  • High speed networks to transmit the data
  • Access to the data when it is needed including access over the internet.

REAL Controls and our technical partners provide services to our clients to address all of these needs including the following:

  • Custom software development for capturing, analyzing, storing and presenting data
  • Communication driver development for communicating with third party equipment over serial or Ethernet connections.
  • Networking of equipment to allow real time communication and collection of data from shop floor equipment and processes.
  • Database development services using various commercially available databases.
  • Custom programming services to get the information to the people who need it in printed format or electronically through an internet connection.