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Computer-Based Measurement and Automation Tools

REAL Controls is a member of the National Instruments Alliance and a Certified LabVIEW Programmer

REAL Controls, Incorporated is an engineering design and integration company.  We specialize in developing high quality, easy to use, hardware and software solutions for process control, automation and data acquisition applications.   

Want to monitor your process over the internet? We can help!

Need to control your equipment from a remote location? No problem!

Need help collecting data from sensors or laboratory instruments? Been there!

Having trouble designing an equipment automation or process control system? Done that!

Have a special application but can’t find the right company? Call us today!

Applications for our services are broad. Some recent projects are described here.

Where do we fit in?...

Most industrial automation companies specialize in programmable control, man-machine interfaces and SCADA system integration. However, they offer limited capabilities outside of these specialized fields.

Software development companies can provide customized software solutions, database design and Internet services but they have limited practical understanding of industrial and laboratory operations. REAL Controls, Inc. is both an industrial automation company AND a software development company.

...We're an Automation System Integrator

We have many years of practical experience working in industry. We understand industrial operations, manufacturing processes, laboratory testing systems and automation technologies.

We have expertise working with various brands of programmable controllers, distributed architectures and PC-based data acquisition systems.

...We're also a Software Development Company

We are skilled software engineers. We can customize our products to your specific needs by taking advantage of the latest computer hardware and software technologies. We are experts with developing complicated systems using National Instruments LabVIEW® application software.  Our engineers have been using this product for more than 14 years.  In fact, we're a National Instruments Alliance member and a certified LabVIEW Programmer. We also have extensive expertise with these application development products.

Click here to learn more about the consulting services we offer.

REAL Controls, Inc. is a National Instruments' Alliance Member


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