Combining our technical capabilities in automation, machine design and data acquisition systems has allowed us to develop a considerable number of systems for measuring the quality of manufactured products and processes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Machine design to create the mechanical, structural and electrical infrastructure required to conduct quality control tests.
  • Automation of the testing machines to execute the tests, capture and analyze the data, archive the test results and produce reports on those results.
  • Integrating sensor technologies for a wide variety of measurements including temperature, load, pressure, flow, speed, displacement and many other common and unique sensing technologies.
  • Database integration to archive test results and to exchange information with other plant database systems.
  • Custom software development allows us to create the best solutions for our clients for each specific application.
  • Integration of third party test equipment with our systems. We frequently need to collect data and/or control test equipment from other suppliers. As long as the equipment has a serial port, Ethernet port or analog output, we can probably communicate with it.