The Problem

INRTEK manufactures, installs and provides analytical services for strength testing machines that are used to assess job applicant’s ability to perform work activity that involves heavy lifting or strenuous activity. INRTEK asked REAL Controls to develop a custom software application for their strength testing machine that would insure that every test would be done in an efficient and consistent manner.

The Solution

REAL Controls developed a LabVIEW application that includes a configurable test sequence development module, a machine calibration module, a client database module and a step-by-step test sequence module. The software communicates to a programmable logic controller to control the machine and it uses a high speed data acquisition card to acquire data during a test. The operator of the system simply follows the detailed directions provided on the screen for each step of the test sequence. The data is acquired and presented to the operator in real time as the test is performed. At the completion of the test the data is automatically transmitted to INRTEK’s headquarters via the Internet for final analysis.

The Result

The software requires minimal operator training for use and the step-by-step instructions insure that each test is performed in a consistent manner.