The Problem

Many electronic devices are being developed with the ability to communicate to a PC using serial, USB, ethernet or various other data exchange protocols. Many hardware manufacturers do not provide software for a PC to communicate with the device. Rather, they rely on the user of the product to develop the required software.

The Solution

REAL Controls can develop easy to use, professional quality software applications for communicating with, configuring, controlling and acquiring data from specialized electronic hardware. For example, the above image shows one of several operator interface screens that we developed for Elkor Technologies, Inc. Elkor manufactures various electronic devices for monitoring and controlling electrical power usage.

The Result

The application developed by REAL Controls allows Elkor’s customers to install, configure and monitor a network of electrical power monitoring devices. The application includes trend charts for viewing energy usage, configuration screens for setting device parameters and data acquisition capability where data is acquired and stored in a MS Excel format. The application is easy to use and allows Elkor’s customers to quickly get up and running with their metering devices.